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The Mastermind is a game where you can build your own criminal empire
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The Mastermind Deluxe Edition is a strategy game where you can build your own criminal empire.
You will impersonate a Mafia chief. You will prosper in your illegal businesses by hiring gangsters, killing rivals, and bribing the authorities. Your main goal (and the only way to get things done) is to make money. Money will pay your gangsters, the bribes, and all your expenditures. Doing businesses will cost you money and wealth points. You gain wealth points by doing good things (like donating money to charity) – as far as they do not fall to zero, you will be away from jail.

You can send your gangsters to rob people, extort little shops, sell illegal things, etc., but you will make real money when establishing an illegal business, like a drug factory or a brothel house. To do so, you will have to obtain some money first. Once established, you must take care of your business. You will then have to find and hire specialists to perform tasks that will benefit your business, such as murders, demolitions, spy tasks, burglary...

In brief, The Mastermind Deluxe Edition is a game that will keep you amused for hours, while building a criminal empire on your own. The unregistered version of this game will let you play forty five turns.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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